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Tilly's Top Ten: Summer Picnic Edition!

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Summer is here and one of our favourite summer activities is a family picnic! Picture this: it’s 27 degrees (Celsius) outside, you pack up your picnic basket full of your favourite snacks and juice boxes and you head out to the local park to spend the day with the ones you love and some yummy food! One of our Rascal’s is the perfect tag along when it comes to family picnics, and her name is Tilly Tummy. Keep Tilly close to take care of any tummy rumbles or upsets that might come from spending the day out in the sun.


With the help of our friend Tilly Tummy, we’ve compiled a list of some all-time favourite snacks that are must haves for these special outings!


  1. Fruit salad: a huge hit and something you can have tons of fun with! Add a mixture of berries and tropical fruit to make it extra yummy (think strawberries, grapes, pineapple etc!)
  2. Pasta salad: something that’s really easy to throw together, elbow macaroni works best (and can be fun for the kiddos to eat) there are lots of amazing recipes, but you can’t go wrong with a mayonnaise and mustard dressing with some cucumbers thrown in.
  3. Pancakes: another easy thing you can make quickly at home and bring along to the park – it’s even better when you pair them with some of your favourite spreads like peanut butter or Nutella! Yum!
  4. Hardboiled eggs: boil them and peel them before you leave the house, throw them in a bag, and you have the easiest snack to fill those hunger cravings!
  5. Celery boats: packed with fibre and protein, these are a must have. Fill your celery boats with toppings like peanut butter and raisins – a crowd pleaser!
  6. Pizza twirls: this is something your child can help you make before heading out, take any kind of tortilla and spread cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni on top. Roll it up and chop it into pieces to make the perfect pizza roll!
  7. Cheese platter: this one speaks for itself – can you ever have too much cheese?
  8. Peanut butter and banana rolls: another great snack your child can even make themselves!
  9. Watermelon sticks: I think watermelon is the ULTIMATE picnic food, and to make it fun, it’s all in the way you slice it! Keep these in a sealed container for easy access throughout the day.
  10. Yogurt/cottage cheese and berries: a perfect dessert to end the meal and full of the best nutrients to keep your kiddo going after a long day enjoying the outdoors!


The possibilities are endless when it comes to packing the perfect picnic lunch, but these are some of Tilly Tummy’s absolute favourite snacks and treats! There are no wrong answers on how to pack your picnic basket but have fun with it. Including your children in the making of most, if not all of these snacks is integral for them having as much fun as they can have. Let us know over on our Instagram what YOUR favourite picnic snack is! Happy picnicking!

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