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A Day in the Life of a Rascal Family

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One of the questions we get most often is how can you best incorporate our rascal blends in your day to day life? We wanted to walk you through what a day might look like for a busy family on the go - from morning to night, there’s always a Rascal ready to tag along with any adventure you may have in store. Follow along to see our Rascal’s in action!



The sun starts to wake up and so do we! We jump out of bed, brush our teeth and put our best superhero t-shirt on to start the busy day ahead. We finally make it downstairs and throw on our favourite cartoon to start the morning with a laugh. We scurry around getting our best breakfast ready to give us the boost we need – waffles, berries, and yogurt is always a hit. Here’s where our first Rascal joins us: Tilly Tummy! We love rolling her on our bellies after a big breakfast to prevent any belly rumbles that might accompany a full stomach. Her citrus and ginger scent smell so good first thing in the morning. We’re ready to take on the day!


The day is only just getting started and more of our Rascal friends are ready to join the party. After a big breakfast and lunch, the fun continues! We’ve colored for a little while, played with modelling clay and even built a castle with some building blocks. As the day goes on, our noses sometimes get a bit drippy and we might have some ah-choos come and go every once in awhile - but have no fear; Spike Sniffles is here! His calming lemon and lavender oil mixture will help clear those up in no time. After lots of play, it’s time to sit down and do some learning. As a preschooler - we love to practice writing our name, holding a pencil and even spelling out the entire alphabet. It can sometimes be a bit hard for our little minds to stay on task and that’s where Finn Focus comes to the rescue! Finn is formulated to help concentrate and boost attention with just a spritz. As we spend our day both inside and out, depending on the weather of course, we find ourselves travelling around the neighbourhood. We pick up lots of sticks and rocks and play at different playgrounds - do you think there’s a Rascal that can help us keep our hands clean after a day’s worth of play? Of course, Genie Germz is here and she helps keep the ick off of our little hands! Her natural root beer scent and powerful antibacterial cleansing strength helps keep away the nasties that tend to follow us during our adventures.


As the day comes to an end, there are still some Rascal friends that we haven’t used quite yet. After taking our nightly bath, our dry skin tends to get a bit itchy after the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Thank goodness for Iggy Itchy – she’s here to take all of the itchies away so that we’re scratch-free just in time for bed. That leave us with just a few things left to do; pick our coziest pj’s, turn our nightlight on and pick out our favourite story books. It’s time to call on the last 2 Rascal’s of the night – Sofia Snooze and Dharma Dreamz; the Rascal power team! We spray Dharma on our pillow for promises of sweet dreams, while we roll Sofia on our back and feet to ensure a calm and gentle sleep – they’re both infused with lavender, so the soothing smell helps us get to sleep! We’re ready to get rested and wake up to take on another day with the Rascal’s by our side. Goodnight and sleep tight!

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