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Essential Oils: History & Ingredients

Essential Oils: History & Ingredients

For Thousands of years, parents have used essential oils (EOs) to help rascals feel better. As parents ourselves, we've tried and tested a range of EOs, and want to share about some of our favourites with you.


Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils can be dated back more than 6,000 years. A number of ancient civilizations — including the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman — worked with them for vast purposes: therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic and ritual.

The Romans, for example, used them in cosmetics, perfumes and drugs. Essential oils were also part of their religious and spiritual rituals. 

Compared to such a long and global use of EOs, the word ‘aromatherapy’ is new. It was established in the 20th century and derived from Latin, aroma meaning ‘fragrance’, and therapy meaning ‘treatment’.

Read on, to learn about essential oils to be found in the garden of Rascalonia and their many benefits. 


Black Pepper promote improved appetite  help soothe stomach knots, clogs, and ballooning quiet tummy rumbles and toots

Cedarwood |  soothe reactions from common ambient irritantsaid respiratory comfortcalm, relax, and soothehelp promote concentration and relieve mental fog

Cypress |  antimicrobial cleanser support breathing comfortantioxidantpromote feelings of calm relaxation help promote concentration and relieve mental fog

Fennel help soothe stomach knots, clogs, and ballooning quiet tummy rumbles

Frankincense |  promote feeling relief from swellingcomfort itchy patches

German Chamomile |  calm and soothe skin irritations | help the mind and body feel calmer

Ginger help soothe digestion, stomach knots, upsets, and ballooning quiet tummy rumbles and wooziness | boost clean, happy functioning 

Grapefruit |  energize, uplift, and invigorate | help promote focus and attention | help reduce stress and feel uplifted | stimulate circulation and improve digestion

Lavender |  support calm and tranquility | relax jitters and encourage pillow time | soothe itches and common skin irritations

Lemon |  refresh, energize, stimulate and uplift | astringent and cleanser

Mandarin  | support calm, reduce stress and feel uplifted 

Orange uplift and energize soothe stomach knots, bottlenecks, and ballooningskin antioxidant

Palmarosa |  nourish dry, flaky, and irritated patchespromote feelings of calm relaxation

Patchouli |  antimicrobial cleanserpromote feeling relief from swellingantioxidant skin soother 

Peppermint energize, uplift, and invigorate promote feelings of calm relaxation help promote concentration and relieve mental fog

Roman Chamomile |  calming, soothingcomfort feelings of anxiety

Tea Tree |  antimicrobial cleanser | antibacterial | support breathing comfort