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Making a Spring Bucket list

Posted by Alina Martin on

  1. Blow some bubbles – an all-ages favourite! Head to your local toy store and stock up on all the soap and bubble wands you can (since your kids will probably dump something at some point, you’ll want to have lots on hand) – see who can blow the biggest bubble!


  1. Color with some chalk – on the days where it’s nice enough to head outdoors, create a masterpiece on your driveway for all the neighbours to see. You can even create an obstacle course using the chalk – your kids will play for hours!


  1. Plant some flowers – as we mentioned before, spring really is time for rebirth and the start of new things and new life. As a family, plant some flowers together and watch them bloom overtime.


  1. Plan a picnic – has the grass dried enough in your backyard or at your local park? Pack up a picnic box full of your favourite snacks and drinks and head out with your family to sit under a big tree to enjoy!


  1. Find a local farmers market – many farmers markets tend to re-open in the spring and it’s the perfect time to check one out! It’s always important so support local vendors so try this one out and make it a family tradition!


  1. Fly a kite – your perfect windy day activity (but not too windy) for your family to enjoy! Head to your local park with your favourite kite and let it fly. Your kids will love seeing it wave around high above them.


  1. Dance in the rain – rain is definitely easy to come by during the spring so why not make the best out of it! Step outside on your front porch and let the dance moves fly – a driveway dance off challenge anyone?


  1. A neighbourhood spring clean-up – spring is a popular season for cleaning so why not take that out into your neighbourhood? With things melting away, you may be noticing more garbage than you have in the past. Grab your garbage bags, your neighbours and help mother nature by cleaning up!


  1. Go bird watching – the birds are chirping and out in full force! Take your kids out on an adventure and count how many different species you can spot out in the wild. There are lots of resources for finding out exactly what you may have seen – take photos and then do the research!


Don’t try and get all of these activities done in one day (or even a week!) Spring is usually shorter than most of the seasons, so with these activities we know you can make the best of it. Enjoy the days full of warmth and sunshine while also enjoying the days full of rain and cool breezes. Spring truly is the best of both worlds when it comes to weather and there are so many things we can go out and do to enjoy it! After all – why does summer get the most hype when it comes to seasonal activities? Let’s add some of that same hype to spring and the activities this season offers! Happy puddle jumping!

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