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How to get your littlest Rascal's involved in celebrating 2022!

Posted by Alina Hodkinson on

2022 is finally here and we’re all starting to think about what things we want to accomplish with a new year. It’s a time to start thinking about maybe starting a new hobby, start to budget better or even to just be a bit more environmentally friendly – there are so many things that people seek out to accomplish with the change of the year. What we want to talk about today is how to get kids involved in this process!


New Year’s resolutions for kids are endless and can be so fun to come up with. Another version of something similar to a New Year’s resolution can be creating a vision board together – either have them do one on their own or as a family! What’s a vision board? Think of fun things you might want to accomplish this year – maybe it’s to take that skiing trip you always dreamt of or to start incorporating more fruits and veggies in your everyday meals. You can then print out photos online or go through old newspapers and magazines to find photos that represent these different things you’d like to accomplish in 2022 and throw them together on a board! Think of it like a 2022 scrapbook, your kiddos are sure to have fun with this one!


Even just coming up with some resolutions (again, this can be on their own or as a family) can be a really fun activity to do before the new year approaches. Here’s some fun ones you can add to their list:


  1. I will try new foods!
  2. I will take more outdoor adventures!
  3. I will learn something new or start a new hobby!
  4. I will read a few pages every day!
  5. I will move my body for at least a half hour every day!
  6. I will try to keep my room clean!
  7. I will be kind!
  8. I will help cook dinner!
  9. I will help with family chores!
  10. I will talk about my feelings more!


It’s easy to go into the new year with these tips to ensure that your children can help in making 2022 the best year yet for your family! The trick is to choose goals that are achievable and within your child’s control – having them involved in choosing these “resolutions” and the goals they want to achieve in order to achieve the most success! Whether it be a list of New Year’s resolutions or a physical vision board, they are both such fun activities to celebrate the new year with your little ones since most of the time they can’t make it to midnight to celebrate the change over anyways!

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