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Our Chief Rascal Officer

Our Chief Rascal Officer


Rascal Remedies | Ike the Chief Rascal Officer

Oh hello there!

My name is Ike and I'm the Chief Rascal Officer here at Rascal Remedies. 

I wanted to personally welcome you to Rascal Remedies, and more importantly, to Rascalonia! My job is to make sure Rascalonia runs smoothly and that all our Rascal potion makers are busy creating new things for Rascals like you!

We are still prepping to open the doors of Rascalonia and can't wait to share it with the rest of you Rascals! Make sure to sign up to our Rascalonia Mail Newsletter to get updates on what is happening in our busy, fun, creative world, Rascalonia. 

In the meantime, I have put together a couple things to help show you around!

Thank you so much for joining us and our Rascals!

- Ike, CRO

Get to know Rascalonia

Rasca-what?! Rascalonia!!!
Rasca-what?! Rascalonia!!!

Learn all about the special land of Rascalonia. Here you will learn about who the Rascals are and what kind of potions they make.

Plus - there's some really fun stuff you can do at home!

Take me there!
Meet the Rascals!
Meet the Rascals!

Each Rascal is unique just like you! While all of them may be potion makers, every Rascal creates some special. 

We can't wait for you to meet them!

The Rascals
Rascalonia Mail
Rascalonia Mail

You've got mail!

Our newsletter is FULL of fun stuff for you and the adults in your life. We made sure that we included some more grownup stuff for them. BUT! The most important part? All the cool stuff you get to do, learn and create! 

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