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Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Rascal Remedies and the world of Rascalonia. Our mission is to make feeling better fun, while learning about the power of nature!

We’re a team of women with a love for all things natural — and over 20 years of combined experience creating natural products and skin care lines. Having kids, and knowing the amazing benefits of essential oils, we wanted to create a wellness line offering children the opportunity to try (and enjoy!) natural remedies safely. 

So, we decided to put our creative forces to work and created a modern high-quality brand of 100% natural remedies that are specifically formulated for children. We knew we had a winning idea when, during our product development process, our children, and all our friends’ children — immediately fell in love with Rascal Remedies’ scents and characters!


We are inspired by nature, ignited by imagination and invested in quality.

Rascal Remedies truly celebrates the power of nature. We’ve created a wellness line that highlights essential oils, some of the most potent and researched ingredients that nature has to offer.

We love learning and are uncompromising with our collection of essential oil blends. 

Derived entirely from plants, and containing no synthetic chemicals, Rascal Remedies products are — and will always be — Cruelty Free, Toxin Free, 100% Natural, Vegan and Gluten Free. 

Rascal Remedies honours rascals, big, and small. All our potions are carefully designed and safely blended with small rascals in mind. 

That’s why each of our products is diluted to a child-safe potency, using excellent ingredients, like fractionated coconut oil. That means our rollers and mists are ready to use, with children 2-3 years and up.

Certified Aromatherapists (CAHPs) have thoughtfully crafted our blends to comfort and calm specific concerns that are common for rascals: skin itchies, sniffly ah-choos, pillow-time-jitters, and more!

Our products are non-toxic and specifically tested for children’s safety. We work hard to ensure all our products are endorsed by naturopathic doctors/practitioners, moms, and most importantly — children! 

Rascal Remedies embraces our communities with openness and respect. Join us as we launch our passion, from our homes to yours. We partner with like-minded businesses, to support each other, and so you can find us in person and online. 

We are excited to share our knowledge and values across the country! Comment on our blog posts, chat with us on Instagram, and reach out to see what we’re up to.