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Our Natural Remedies


We bring a fun modern twist to an ancient, trusted practice. Our mission is to help small rascals feel better, while capturing their imagination and educating them about the power of pure, plant-based products, and 100% pure essential oils (EOs)

Each of our small-batch blends is crafted with high-quality ingredients, and we never use synthetic chemicals. Rascal Remedies are formulated by Certified Aromatherapists (CAHPs) and are made in Canada. They are prepared in Health Canada certified production facilities — and are endorsed by natural practitioners. We’re dedicated to creating our blends to the highest quality. 

Whether your rascal has icky paws, a sniffly nose, or belly rumbles, or whether your rascal could simply benefit from nighttime sleep support, our specially curated, clean EO combinations offer gentle solutions. 

Inspired by nature, ignited by imagination and invested in quality, we’re making feeling better fun, naturally.