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Mindful Minute – how to practice self-care with kids

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Mindful Minute – how to practice self-care with kids


A lot of the times when the words self-care come to mind, especially as parents, we think of peaceful moments where maybe the kids are gone to grandma’s, a sleepover or just any kind of time we can get alone. Here’s where we want to change that up a bit: have you ever thought of including your children in a self-care routine every once in a while? Even though we may not think of it that often; children are in desperate need of some self-care as well some days. Whether it be a tough day at school, a not-so-great sleep the night before or they’ve just been feeling some down in the dump’s feelings lately, self-care might be a great opportunity to boost their mood and have them feeling as relaxed and rejuvenated as you may feel!


Now you may be asking yourself – what does self-care look like to a kid? You’d be surprised at how much activities you enjoy will benefit them as well. Here’s a few fun ideas you can incorporate into both of your self-care routine’s:


  1. Start your morning off with healthy affirmations! This will be really beneficial to both you and them. Try this in the morning – after brushing your teeth, doing your hair and getting ready for the day; stand with your child and look in the mirror. Take turns saying things you love about yourselves. Examples could be; I am strong, I am smart, I am full of knowledge. You can go through as many as you’d like, and I can promise you both will instantly feel better and start your day off on the right foot.
  2. Have a spa day! Mom’s and dad’s – don’t you love a good spa day? They will too! You can even incorporate some of your favourite Rascal products to make the day even more peaceful. While relaxing with your favourite face masks, spray some Dharma Dreams over the pillows you lay down on and instantly feel some relaxation and peace.
  3. Take a bubble bath! Although this may not be the relaxing, soothing bath you might think of as a parent taking one on your own – your kiddo will love getting to do this with you. It can definitely depend on the size of your bathtub - but throw some bubbles in, play some music, throw some bathing suits on and jump in. Your child will be so happy they get to spend this special time with you and have some fun too!
  4. Put a movie on! The key in having this be self-care for your kiddo is to have them choose what you’re watching. It helps them to feel in charge of the situation, and in turn will have them enjoy it so much more. Build a pillow fort and cuddle up – embrace those snuggles and breathe in all that self-care for at least a few hours (or until they don’t want to sit still anymore!)
  5. Color or paint! Coloring is one of the simplest forms of self-care and can act as one for both kids and adults. Grab your favourite coloring book and go wild. Another Rascal that can help with this one is Finn Focus – give him a spray to ensure you both can focus while making your masterpieces!


There are so many different ways to practice self-care both alone and with your children, but we hope even a few of these might help switch up some of your day-to-day tasks that you have in your routine. It’s important to realize that to reduce stress and worry, a self-care routine is important for the whole family. Essential oils can be used within everyone’s daily routine and we hope you use some of your favourite Rascal’s to practice self-care as well. Find us on Instagram to share what some of your favourite self-care routines may be!

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